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Meet Dr. Greg Bonnen

Dr. Greg Bonnen has lived along the Texas Gulf Coast his entire life. After graduating from UTMB, he completed his residency in neurosurgery and served as an assistant professor before founding the Texas Brain and Spine Center. 


Dr. Bonnen met his wife Kim in college while working as a camp counselor at Texas Lion’s Camp for handicapped children. Throughout his career, Dr. Bonnen has continued his commitment to helping those in need. 

In his time in the State House, Dr. Bonnen has earned a reputation as a conservative fighter. He was vital during the 87th session, dubbed "the most conservative session in Texas history.”

Dr. Bonnen serves as president of the board of directors for the Medical Strategic Network, a faith-based coalition of healthcare professionals working to serve those in need in some of the world’s poorest countries. Dr. Bonnen has worked for numerous other church and charitable organizations, donating his time and skills as a doctor to overseas missions in Haiti, Cuba, and the Philippines. 

In his time in the State House, Dr. Bonnen has earned a reputation as a conservative fighter. In the 87th session, that has been dubbed “the most conservative session in Texas history,” Dr. Bonnen worked to pass vital legislation including:


  • Cosponsored and passed the Heartbeat Bill to protect unborn babies from the moment a heartbeat is detected.

  • Coauthored and passed Constitutional Carry to protect the right to keep and bear arms

  • Authored and passed legislation to crackdown on cities that defund the police

  • Cosponsored landmark election integrity reform

  • Authored and passed the “Trigger Ban” to outlaw all abortion as soon as Roe v. Wade is overturned


As Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, Greg helped secure $82.8 billion for public education and $6.65 billion in new funding for border security operations and infrastructure.


Dr. Bonnen co-founded Houston Physician’s Hospital in 2003 along with his partners. The hospital now employs nearly 200 full-time staff serving the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast community. Dr. Bonnen continues to serve as a board member and president for the hospital. He also practices at Memorial Hermann Southeast and has served over 13,000 patients in the Gulf Coast area and beyond.


Greg and his wife Kim live in Friendswood where they attend Friendswood Community Church. They are the proud parents of two daughters—Lindsay and Janae.

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