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Border Security

While Washington ignores the problem Texas and Dr. Bonnen are stepping up to combat sex trafficking, human smuggling, and drug- and gang-related crimes along the border. In this past Special Session, Dr. Bonnen secured $6.65 billion for Border Security, supporting local law enforcement and National Guard troops on the ground, funding for a border wall, and banning sanctuary cities in Texas.


Balanced The State Budget

As Chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, Dr. Bonnen played the most important role in crafting a balanced budget that cut state expenses by over 5% - while providing the resources needed to finish the wall and setting aside money to help counties purchase new auditable voting machines, increase funding for our schools, healthcare system, and critical infrastructure projects. Dr. Bonnen has never increased taxes and recently helped deliver $18 billion in historic property tax relief. He is firmly committed to reducing the tax burden on our businesses and families.  



With 100% Pro-life ratings from both Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life, Dr. Bonnen is one of Texas’ strongest advocates for the protection of innocent life. In the 87th session, Dr. Bonnen was instrumental in passing Texas’ Heartbeat Bill – which protects the lives of all unborn Texans by making abortions illegal after the detection of a heartbeat in the womb. This pro-life victory comes on top of Dr. Bonnen’s previous successes defunding Planned Parenthood and banning all third trimester abortions, partial-birth and dismemberment abortions. He also banned the selling of fetal remains for profit – a gruesome practice previously exploited by Planned Parenthood. Dr. Bonnen also increased health coverage for new mothers and their babies for up to a year. You can always count on Dr. Bonnen to protect life. 

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2nd Amendment

Like you, Dr. Bonnen knows that the 2nd Amendment is our God-given right to protect ourselves and our families. That’s why he co-authored the law that made Texas a Constitutional Carry state and supported making Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. Now, all law-abiding Texans may openly carry firearms. Dr. Bonnen has a rock-solid record of being A-rated by both the National Rifle Association and Texas State Rifle Association. We can always count on him to uphold the 2nd Amendment.


Public Education

Dr. Greg Bonnen has demonstrated a strong commitment to shaping a positive educational environment through a series of impactful accomplishments. Notably, he has successfully banned pornographic and vulgar materials in schools, fostering a more secure and appropriate learning environment. Dr. Bonnen's advocacy for educators is evident in his delivery of well-deserved pay increases for teachers, a crucial step in recognizing their invaluable contributions to our communities. Moreover, his efforts to reduce recapture payments on local districts have alleviated financial burdens, while stabilizing the Teacher Retirement System fund ensures the long-term well-being of our educators. By supporting retired teachers through supplemental payments and delivering the first Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in nearly two decades, Dr. Bonnen prioritizes the welfare of both current and retired educational professionals. Additionally, he has taken a firm stance against divisive ideologies, banning the teaching and principles of Critical Race Theory, DEI programs, and mandating stronger safety standards in schools. In a proactive move, Dr. Bonnen has dedicated $180,000,000 to support vocational education programs, emphasizing the importance of diverse educational pathways for students. Overall, his comprehensive approach reflects a dedication to fostering a safe, supportive, and well-rounded educational system for all.



As a renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Bonnen works hard make high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable for those who need it most. He passed critical legislation creating a prescription medication cost-savings fund to help support millions of Texans struggling with the affordability of their medication. He also authored HB 1616, which increases healthcare access for Texans by allowing hundreds of additional doctors to practice in Texas. We can always count on Dr. Bonnen to be the foremost authority and advocate for the improvement of our health care system. 

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Election Integrity

Dr. Bonnen co-authored landmark legislation setting state standards for the fair conduct of elections that increased voter access to the ballot, improved ballot security and monitoring, and deterred in-person and mail ballot fraud. With Dr. Bonnen’s leadership, Texas just made it easier to vote and harder to cheat to ensure the integrity of our electoral process. 


Fighting the Woke Agenda

Thanks to efforts by Dr Bonnen, Texas protected girls’ athletics by keeping biological boys out of girls’ sports. He also passed legislation to ensure children are protected from transgender mutilation surgeries and banned all drag shows in the presence of children.


Protect Religious Liberty

The freedom of religious expression is a core tenant of our Constitution. Dr. Bonnen passed key legislation this past session ensuring those rights are never infringed upon by preserving property owner’s rights to display religious symbols on their property and establishing religious organizations, and their activities, as essential at all times. 


Backing the Blue

Dr. Bonnen has always been a strong advocate for our first responders. This past session, he authored and passed legislation that will crack down on radical cities seeking to defund our police. Moving forward, cities that defund our police will be penalized by the state – making such anti-police policies completely untenable. Dr. Bonnen has the support of our first responder community for his commitment to keeping our families safe. 

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